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The Ambassador (Henrietta Selick) is a new character in The Incredibles 2. She is a foreign dignitary who is very much in favor of the legal return of Supers. She is in the United States to sign off on a bill to decriminalize Supers.

Selick is first seen meeting Elastigirl in the studio after an interview with Chad Brentley after Elastigirl stops a recently opened train controlled by the Screenslaver in New Urbem. When Elastigirl meets her, she tells the Ambassador to bring about lasting peace in which the Ambassador bids to help fight to legalise supers. Later, when the Screenslaver hypnotises everyone in the studio, Elastigirl escapes and jumps on a helicopter via window, warning a pilot that the Ambassador is in danger. Elastigirl manages to get into the helicopter controlled by the Screenslaver as she escorts the passengers out of the helicopter, alongside Selick, saving them.

Selick is later seen during a conference at the DevTech ship where the Ambassador and other ambassadors sign the International Supers Accord. The conference is sabotaged by Evelyn where the Ambassador and the other superheroes and passengers are being hypnotized. Later, when Winston Deavor disables the screen controlled by Evelyn, she and the other victims are later saved from Evelyn's hypnosis, thanks to Winston's help.


  • Her name is a play on Henry Selick, director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach.
  • During the scene where DevTech is having a conference on the Everjust, the audio description incorrectly identifies her as another ambassador other than Henrietta Selick, though she is seen wearing a blue dress. However, the ambassador was Henrietta Selick who was present during the conference.


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