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Auntie Edna is a 2018 Pixar short produced for the home video release of Incredibles 2. Similar to Jack-Jack Attack, it details events taking place off-screen during the film's story. It is about the night Edna spent watching and studying Jack-Jack 's powers while Bob caught up on some much needed sleep. 


Similar to Jack-Jack Attack, the short details events taking place off-screen during the film's story, in this case, showing us the night Edna spent watching and studying Jack-Jack using his powers while Bob caught up on some much needed rest. Taking Jack-Jack to Edna, she studies different superpowers he has. When Edna becomes crowded by multiple Jack-Jack clones, Jack-Jack uses his monster form, combining it with his fire form. Later, Edna examines Jack-Jack for his powers he used and giving him a red suit (the same one she gave to the Parr family) after studying as she returns him to his father Bob. Edna then explains to Bob that whenever she babysits Jack-Jack (unlike other babies), she does not charge him as Bob and Jack-Jack leave for home. Later, Edna notices Jack-Jack (presumably a clone of himself) next to her, as Edna runs off telling Bob that he forgot his baby.



  • This is the fourth movie-based Pixar short to be exclusively available on its movie's Blu-ray, not on DVD, after Riley's First Date?Marine Life Interviews and Miss Fritter's Racing Skoool.
  • This short and Riley's First Date? are the only ones released exclusively on Blu-ray that are released on Disney+.


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