Bart Carson is a character in the non-canon comic series by Boom! Studios.


Bart is a pre-adolescent boy with short black hair and brown eyes. He has a somewhat stocky build.


Bart is shown to be energetic and playful.


Bart is first seen when he and his family arrived at the Parr House for a barbecue and quickly forms a close friendship with Dash. One day soon after, they were spying on their older siblings kissing through binoculars. Helen Parr finds them and asked what they are doing. He goes home after this and goes to a baseball game with his father and brother. The game ended earLynn and they arrive home to find his mother fighting the incredibles. They learn that Jill is Organa and their neighbors are the incredibles. They three are soon captured by his mother’s creation despite his mother’s protests and pleas with it. They are soon freed by Bob Parr and taken to the kitchen to shield them from the devolution bomb. They are unaffected but Organa was caught in the blast and became a chimp. The Carsons move to the mountainous outskirts of town so Jill can avoid jail. He and Dash stay in touch by writing letters.