Bomb Voyage, real name Remy Bon Mot, is a minor antagonist in Disney/Pixar's 2004 Oscar winning movie The Incredibles. He is an mime-esque bank robber who utilizes bombs and explosives for his crimes.

He was voiced by Dominique Louis.

Power and Abilities

Bomb Voyage does not have any known superpowers. Instead, he uses an arsenal of small, time bombs that he carries on a pair of bandoliers that crisscross his chest.


  • Bomb Voyage made a minor cameo appearance in the 2007 Disney/Pixar movie, Ratatouille, as a street mime. This occurred during the 2nd act when Linguini and Colette are rollerskating by Notre Dame Cathedral. His name also appears on a newspaper that Colette is reading.
  • Bomb Voyage's name is a pun on the French valediction, "bon voyage", which is usually translated as “have a nice trip.”


From The Incredibles

(Sinister according music plays as Bomb Voyage steps through a hole blown in the wall, and smiles triumphantly; Mr. Incredible rolls back a vault door that had been covering him)
Mr. Incredible: Bomb Voyage!
Bomb Voyage: Monsieur Incroyable! (Mr. Incredible!)
Buddy Pine: And IncrediBoy!
(Buddy appears, having broken through the window)
Bomb Voyage: IncrediBoy?
(Buddy flies over to Mr. Incredible)
Buddy Pine: Hey, hey! Aren't you curious about how I get around so fast? See? I have these rocket boots!
Mr. Incredible: Go home, Buddy.
Buddy Pine: What?
Mr. Incredible: Now.
Bomb Voyage: Petit mufle va! (Little oaf!)
Buddy Pine: Can we talk?
(Buddy pulls Mr. Incredible off to the side)
Buddy Pine: You always, *always* say, Be true to yourself, but you never say which part of yourself to be true *to*! Well, I've *finally* figured out who I am!
(Buddy walks over to Mr. Incredible)
Buddy Pine: I am your ward... IncrediBoy!
Mr. Incredible: And now, you have officially carried it too far, Buddy.
(Mr. Incredible grabs Bomb Voyage who was trying to sneak away)
Bomb Voyage: OHH!
Buddy Pine: This is because I don't have powers, isn't it? Well, not every superhero has powers, ya know! You *can* be super without them! I *invented* these. (points to his rocket boots) I can fly! Can *you* fly?
Mr. Incredible: Fly home, Buddy. I work alone.
Bomb Voyage: Oui et ta tenue est complètement ridicule! (And your outfit is totally ridiculous!)
Buddy Pine: Ju...ju...just give me one chance! I...I'll show you! I'll go get the police!
(Snickering, Bomb Voyage attaches a bomb to Buddy's cape; Mr. Incredible notices it)
Mr. Incredible: Buddy, don't!
Buddy Pine: It'll only take a second, really.
Mr. Incredible: No, stop!
(Mr. Incredible lets go of Bomb Voyage)
Mr. Incredible: There's a bomb!
(Mr. Incredible grabs onto Buddy's cape)


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