Buddy Pine (also known as Incrediboy and currently Syndrome) is the main antagonist of The Incredibles. He is Mr. Incredible's former fan and currently his arch-nemesis and Mirage and the Omnidroids' former boss. He is short-tempered, rude, nasty, wicked, murderous, ruthless, evil, cheerful, dangerous, bad, happy-go-lucky, silly, and maniacal.



Syndrome is consider to be one of the best Pixar villains in the film for his childish and fanboy sadism, and his need for attention. At some points in the film he seemed to enjoy having Mr. Incredible and his family performing heroic acts, but that only happens when things are in his control. If something unexpected happens, he cowares and attempts to flee.


Powers and Abilities

Syndrome doesn’t have any super powers, unless you count being a young fan boy a super power. But he makes it up thanks to his intellect and technology.

Intelligence: At a young age during Mr. Incredibles glory years, Buddy showed his amazing abilities with machines by inventing rocket boots. Years gone by, and “Syndrome” used his knowledge that countries and armies will pay big money for weapons. Using his mass wealth in purchasing a secret island, security force, and rocket science.

Though, he hasn’t gone over his fanboy obsession and revenge scheme. This makes him an unpredictable villain, as well an entertaining bad boy.

Weapons and Gadgets: Since Syndrome doesnt have powers, he makes up for them by inventing weapons for countries, or for himself.

  • Zero Point Energy Gloves - One of his best tools for fighting, the Zero Point Energy gloves literally freezes the targets and removes the gravity making them easy to throw around.
  • Rocket Boots - Giving Syndrome the power of flight in order to outpace heroes or look awesome. Only downside, once they’re destroyed he’s grounded.
  • Explosions - Like all mad geniuses, Syndrome has wrist size explosives that act as mines from the first film. As the bomb was beeping in the waterfall, it detonated by touching the bottom. Same way a landmine does after interacting with a vehicle.
  • Hovering Wrist Robot - On the field, Syndrome carries a wrist size hovering robot that can operate underwater and scan for lifeforms. Downside, it can be deceived through scanning the wrong source.
  • Omnidroid - Syndromes best and successful inventions, the Omnidroid. An intelligent, multi-armed killing machine specifically design to kill supers. Learn more about the machine here



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