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Chore Day – The Incredibles Way is the sixth episode of Pixar Popcorn.


The Parr family utilize their unique powers to make daily chores easier.


Bob is helping Jack-Jack pick up his toys. Jack-Jack drops a couple but he duplicates to pick them up. In the backyard, Jack-Jack runs into Dash, who is having a hard time starting the lawn mower. Dash decides to use Jack-Jack's laser eyes to mow the lawn, but he ends up cutting off the top of a tree, where Rocky was hiding. In the living room, Violet uses a force field to pick up the garbage off the floor, picking up Jack-Jack along with it. As the force field goes to the garbage can, Jack-Jack holds onto it and he gets off at the kitchen counter. He sees Dash climb a ladder to clean the windows. Dash falls off the ladder but Helen catches him, and points to a spot he missed. Violet places more garbage in the trash, and Bob wants Dash to clean the Incredibile. Bob leaves the remote on a table and Dash uses it to move the Incredibile back and forth through the waterfall in the garage. After Dash cleans the Incredibile, Helen comes back with the groceries and finds Jack-Jack hiding in a paper bag, who then duplicates, amusing Helen. After the Parrs have finished their chores, Bob tries to prepare a barbecue outside, but fails twice. The first time Bob had trouble lighting the match and the second time it started to rain. Violet uses her force field to shield the rain and the Parrs roast marshmallows over Jack-Jack, who is on fire.



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