Doozles are Dozing is a book that Robert Parr read to Jack-Jack Parr during Incredibles 2. It is likely a parody to the real-life book Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book and focuses on a group of strangely-named creatures falling asleep. Mr. Incredible wanted Jack-Jack to fall asleep to the story. Sometimes it worked, but in other instances, Mr. Incredible fell asleep instead.

Known Lines

  1. In the country of Nod-Off, the Frubbers of Freep are all giving in to the sweet succor of sleep.
  2. All over Doozle-Dorf, the Fribbers of Frupp are going to sleep 'cause they just can't keep up.
  3. All over Doozle-Dorf, Doozles are dozing, their eyelids so heavy, they're drooping and closing. The point is, everyone, everyone's hitting the sack. Everyone's getting the sleep that they lack.
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