"[gasp] A new Elasticycle! "
—Elastigirl upon finding the bike in the garage.[src]
The Elasticycle v.2 is the second bike that Elastigirl owned. It is an electric jet-powered, break-apart motorcycle, which Helen used to transport herself to fight crime in New Urbem in Incredibles 2. It was created by Evelyn Deavor of the DevTech company.

Appearance and features

The Elasticycle has a sleek red chassis with the initials 'EG' on both sides, which glow sky blue when powered up. The handlebars are built into the chassis. The dashboard is fitted with a small computer console that monitors police reports and also works as a phone. The bike can break up into two unicycles, giving Elastigirl the advantage to use her elasticity powers while riding. Each wheel has a motor so the two halves can function independently.

Role in Incredibles 2

Elastigirl accepted a job by Devtech that would help make Supers legal again. The Deavors provided her with a new Elasticycle to help fight crime, which was being recorded through her grey supersuit. On its first mission, Elastigirl used her new bike to chase after a runaway train. She rode it through busy streets and across rooftops. When she made it onto the train, Elastigirl was forced to abandon her Elasticycle when the tunnel ahead was too low to get the bike through. It exploded when it struck the walls of the tunnel entrance, but Elastigirl made it through when she flattened herself to fit between the train and tunnel ceiling.


  • It is unknown what happened to the first Elasticycle Elastigirl owned during the glory days. It may have been destroyed or sold to a private collector, which was what happened to the Incredibile.


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