"I'm not all (...) dark and angsty! I'm Elastigirl i'm Ya Know Flexible i Mean Look At The- The "
—Helen Parr to her husband about her distaste for the suit.[src]

Elastigirl's Gray Suit is the new and updated suit, created for Helen Parr, in order to fight crime, and help legalize supers. The suit was created by Alexander Galbaki, rather than Edna Mode, who Elastigirl normally goes to for her suits. The suit has a much darker color scheme than her previous suits. Helen describes it as too "dark and angsty" for her. Programmed into the suit, just above the Elastigirl logo, there is a small video camera so that she can document every time that she saves the city, therefore, possibly help legalize supers She Was wearing it when She was being interviewed by Chad Brently


Elastigirl Bike

Helen prepares to leave on her mission.

Helen Parr's super suit, was a modified version of the original Elastigirl suit, that Helen wore in her glory days. It has a very slick grey torso, with a dark red belt, as well as a dark red circle in the center, that reads out the letter "e" standing for "Elastigirl". And Then From the legs down, there are black tights, with long black boots that go up over the knees. There are also black gloves that go over her elbows. To top it all off, she wears a black mask that covers her eyes.

The suit was a major part of Elastigirl's plan to help legalize supers. This is due to the small camera located above the Elastigirl logo. This camera records, whenever she is saving the city so that she can prove her point, that superheroes help people, and therefore shouldn't be illegal, for everyone's safety.

Behind the camera, is Winston and Evelyn Deavor of DevTech, guiding Elastigirl, via the camera in her suit. For example, in the fight scene where Elastigirl has to stop a moving train, Evelyn and Winston are on the other side of the camera at the DevTech Building directing her on what to do next, and where the train seems to be going

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