The Hypno-goggles are screen lens goggles, fixed with screens so that Evelyn Deavor uses to place people under her control, when she is in need of minions. She used these Hypno-googles in Incredibles 2 when she wanted to go against her brother, Winston Deavor, for his plan to make Supers go legal again.

Role in Incredibles 2

Elastigirl discovered the goggles when she got suspicious about the Screenslaver she caught, remembering how his powers work and noticing the mini screen lenses on the goggles that were in the mask-hood she had pulled off him. As she realized that she had faced the Screenslaver's puppet, Evelyn—the true Screenslaver and mastermind behind —placed them over her eyes before she could do anything to stop her.

Evelyn later controlled the wannabe Supers and told them to place goggles on Frozone and the Parr children, while luring Mr. Incredible to her only for Elastigirl to place a pair on him.

While Frozone is hypnotized, the children escape and board the Everjust using the Incredibile.  A mind-controlled Voyd almost placed a pair on Violet when she was searching the ship, but had managed to escape and rejoin her brothers. After the siblings freed their parents, they worked together to free the other supers from the goggles' control, along with destroying them in the process, which allowed them to foil Evelyn's plan of having the hypnotized Supers from crashing the superyacht into New Urbem.


  • Screenslaver/Evelyn Deavor's gimmick of using hypnotic goggles to control people was previously employed in The Incredibles comic book series by the villain Mezmerella. Mezmerella's set of goggles however broadcast a hypnotic signal instead of being something that had to be worn by victims.
  • When Winston noticed the goggles on Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone, he had thought they were masks that were designed by his sister, as he asked Evelyn about it she played along with his question by saying that they were masks with built in night-vision.
    • It is possible that she told the second-rated supers a similar lie, so she could get them to wear the goggles without any resistance.
  • Evelyn has a remote that she uses to turn the goggles off and on, without removing them. She can also use the goggles to see through the eyes of her puppets, from her control room.


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