This is a list dedicated to all of Jack-Jack's Powers and Abilities seen in The Incredibles, Jack-Jack Attack, and Incredibles 2.

Powers / abilities

Despite being the youngest member of the family, Jack-Jack is potentially the most powerful and has the widest array of abilities.

Laser Vision: He can fire needle thin purple lasers from his eyes. These don't seem that powerful as they can be reflected easily by a hand mirror. However, as seen in the Incredibles 2 official teaser trailer, Jack-Jack's lasers, are now green, thicker and Jack-Jack seems to have more control over them. It is unknown why this change was made, however, the most likely reason is because the green lasers would contrast better with the red background, than the purple lasers. In addition to firing his eye lasers in a constant beam, he can also release a rapid fire barrage, similar to a futuristic pulse rifle.


Jack-Jack demonstrates molecular manipulation.

Molecular manipulation: More than simply shape shifting, Jack-Jack can control the molecular make-up of his body, allowing him to transform into non organic elements, such as making himself into a living heavy metal, turning into a blob or bursting into flames. 

Jack-Jack Levitation

Jack-Jack demonstrating both levitation and intangibility.

Levitation: Jack-Jack can lift himself into the air with his mind. It is unknown at this time if this power is self propelled flight or if he is telekinetic.

Intangibility: Jack-Jack Parr can pass through walls or "phase", being able to go through solid matter. Conversely, he is able to solidify liquid or gaseous material that he comes into contact with, allowing him to walk on water. This, as well as his levitating ability, is seen in the short, Jack-Jack Attack.

Updated List

Molecular Self-Manipulation:

  • Self-Combustion
  • Piecemeal Shapeshifting/Mimicry: Within minutes of meeting Edna Mode he transforms part of his face to look like hers he even manages to get his hair like hers
  • Phasing
    Enhanced Strength and Dexterity: he was able to kick a raccoon all the way to the backyard and when it still wouldnt leave he managed to pick up a lawnchair and throw it at the animal with out any struggle at all
    Teleportation: He can teleport to and from any place he wants he was able to teleport so fast that not even Dash could touch him
  • Intangibility
  • Telekinesis: he used this ability to save his mother
  • Interdimensional Wormhole Creation & Travel: This is as Lucius puts it the ability to move through dimensions at will people in his home dimension can still hear him and Jack Jack can still hear them to it's almost like Twilight Zone episode "Little Girl Lost" but yet Jack Jack has more control over his power
  • Rocket Propulsion-Like Sneezes
  • Transformation: The process by which Jack Jack usually transforms into a demon baby in this form he gains a thicker build, with a large head and a tail which is about half his body length. Resembling marsupial, his forelegs are slightly longer than his hind legs his skin turns red with orange hair, notoriously in this form he is short tempered and has little patience. He will eat anything and everything, with an appetite that seems to know no bounds. In this form he is best known for his speech consisting mostly of grunts, growls, rasps and screeches, and his ability to spin so fast that he has a tornado like form and will bite through just about anything.
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