Jim Carson is the husband of Jill Carson, known as the super villain Organa, and the father of Xander and Bart Carson.


Jim is a man with a slender build, short bl hair and gre eyes.


Jim is a caring man who loves his family dearly. When he learned his wife was a super villain, he was shocked but his attitude fo her did not change.


He and his family move next door to the Parrs and the two families form a quick bond with them. One day he and his sons go to a baseball game that ends early and come home during his wife’s assasination attempt of the Incredibles, learning that his wife was the super villain Organa and the Parrs are the Incredibles. He and his sons are soon taken captive by his wife’s golems and she desperately tries to free them. They are freed by Mr. Incredible and lead to the ruins of the Parr’s kitchen to shield themselves from the blast from a de-evolution bomb. He tries to get his wife to move, but she is too ashamed to move. He, his sons and the Parrs are shielded from the blast, but his wife is turned into an ape. Rather them have Jill go to jail, he agrees to relocate his family to the mountainous outskirts of town.

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