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LEGO The Incredibles is a video game based off of Disney-Pixar's The Incredibles films. It was developed by Travellers Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


The game features a campaign based off both of The Incredibles films. It includes an open-world hub where the player can fight crime and participate in original side-quests and missions developed by both Pixar and TT Games. Deceased supers from the first film, such as Gazerbeam, are playable.[1]

Differences between the films

TT Games' Lego video game franchise is known for its humor, including games based off of film franchises. As such, Lego The Incredibles includes humorous moments not seen in the films, as listed below:

The Incredibles

  • When Mr. Incredible changes into his super suit, he accidentally changes into his swim suit first before realizing he has the wrong suit.
  • Mr. Incredible is joined by Elastigirl, and uses a crossbow. Oliver Sansweet doesn’t appear.
  • Mr. Incredible meets young Buddy Pine whilst fighting Bomb Voyage.
  • The supers are sued because of the train incident instead.
  • When Frozone is arguing with his wife Honey, the helicopter in the background “MAYDAY’S” and explodes, causing the pilot to land on the window and slide down it. He is also given a Snowman outfit.
  • Syndrome’s rocket boots backfire.
  • Bomb Voyage escapes without Buddy Pine getting a bomb on his cape.
  • The flashbacks of super heroes dying because of their capes is absent.
  • Frozone joins Mr. Incredible during his first visit to Nomanisan and there are two Omnidroids for them to fight.
  • Gazerbeam is alive and was knocked into a cave by Mr. Incredible's landing pod. The two later help each other reach Syndrome's computer.
  • The computer room is much larger and complex than its movie counterpart.
  • Helen is in Edna's kitchen when she activates Mr. Incredible's suit GPS, and does so before being taken to see the new suits.
  • Edna throws cupcakes at Helen instead of hitting her with a newspaper.
  • Everseer, Stormicide, Gamma Jack and Downburst are not shown to have been killed.
  • The order of the Omnidroid's evolution is inconsistent, going from version 1, to 2, to 4 (which is destroyed by Hypershock in the game), to 3 (destroyed by Apogee), to 6 and 9. In addition, versions 1 and 2 are actually washing machines.
  • Gazerbeam is captured along with Mr. Incredible but is never seen again, leaving his fate unknown.
  • Syndrome does not torture Mr. Incredible.
  • Violet and Dash also take a pig with them to the plane.
  • Mr. Incredible does not choke Mirage when she frees him.
  • The US Army fighting the Omnidroid v.10 are omitted due to LEGO's non-violence policy.
  • Rusty McAllister is seen circling around over the Parr family victory.
  • After the Omnidroid is defeated, Syndrome tries to kidnap Jack-Jack but is overwhelmed by his powers. When the Incredibles arrive, he decides to go into hiding. As a result, he is not killed.

Incredibles 2

  • Frozone is handed Jack-Jack when he and the Incredibles fight The Underminer. (Unknown)
  • The Underminer has henchmen to fight the Parr family.
  • Winston Deavor doesn't tell the supers about his parents' deaths.
  • Blazestone appears in the present and Fironic & Gazerbeam don't appear.
  • The people hypnotized act like chickens.
  • Instead of using herself as a parachute to stop the runaway train, Elastigirl uses a giant grappling hook.
  • Reflux accompanies Elastigirl to find the Screenslaver's location.
  • During Jack-Jack's fight with the raccoon, the raccoon summons other raccoons to attack Jack-Jack.
  • The Screenslaver has henchmen in the game, but not in the film.
  • Brainstorm, Shock and Awe and Vapora are absent in the game.
  • Evelyn has a normal outfit near the end of the film.
  • Helen's final confrontation with Evelyn Deavor on her jet at the end of the film is omitted in the game. Instead, Helen, her family, and the other super heroes apprehend Evelyn Deavor while she's still in the ship.
  • Cliffhanger, Dehydra, Diabla, Firebreak, Icebreaker, and Zephyr are neither seen in the ship nor at the end of the film, but they are playable in the game.
  • At the end of the game's depiction of the film, The Parr family and Tony Rydinger go the the movie theater and are hypnotized.


NTC (non-talk characters)

References to Other Pixar Movies

  • In the ending cutscene of Screenslaver Showdown, Miguel from Coco is seen sitting in the movie theater.
  • When Elastigirl stretches through the vents in The Golden Years, Carl's house from Up is seen floating in the background.
  • While Violet and Dash fall from the plane in Above Parr, the seagulls from Finding Nemo fly by.


  • Since Helen drives a plane, her name starts with "Elastigirl".
  • When Bob calls Helen on the phone and in the movie theater, his name starts with "Mr. Incredible".


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