Macroburst was a superhero and member of The Phantasmics.


Macroburst was at one point the sidekick of Everseer, who referred to them as "The Kid", before taking on a superhero career of his own. Macroburst was also known for constantly and obsessively maintaining his hairstyle.

The Operation Kronos database assigned him a threat rating of 5.9.

Macroburst was the first Super to score a victory over an Omnidroid, defeating the Omnidroid v.X1 during the training sessions for Operation Kronos. Unfortunately, he was then killed by the successor to the v.X1, the Omnidroid v.X2.

He was at first an unknown gender, but it was later confirmed in the 2018 Game Lego Incredibles, where Macroburst serves as one of the playable characters, to be a male.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Generation: Macroburst possessed the ability to generate high velocity wind, which also gave them the ability to fly via wind propulsion.

Gender Unknown Mystery Era 2004-2018

Lego The Incredibles - Macroburst voice clips

Lego The Incredibles - Macroburst voice clips

The initial voices of Macroburst from the Lego Incredibles game from 2018, Confirming Macroburst gender.

During the course of the years, Macroburst's was listed on the Operation Kronos Files as He/Her, making his Gender at the time unknown, due to never officially having a specific speaking role in the first Incredibles Movie in 2004, and only appearing as a still frame during the golden age of the supers.

Though the image of Macroburst was black and White, his attire appeared to be that of wearing both Lime green and dark green, as evidence of this appeared in the 2018 Lego Incredibles game, he also was shown in art work to be made slim and manly, which further showed evidence toward the end of the Gender Mystery era.

Tumblr nm55pbVLS51rdve36o1 500

Drawing of Macroburst, created by an unidentified Artist, possibly from Pixar, or by a fan, It was never known who drew this, but the color and texture is what led to most fans who doubted Macroburst to be male, to start believing he was, it was not known if this image was created during or before the release of the Lego Incredibles video game.

However prior to this, many fans had already believed Macroburst to have been a man the minute his picture revealed itself, due to the face structure and the way his head was portrayed at the time, as it was revealed that his face looked too manly to be that of a female, and his chin was too crooked and slim to represent and female trait, but some others believed him to be a woman with a slim body, though to others this was hard to determine to Macroburst's chest being cut off. His gender remained a mystery amongst fans, until 2018 when the Lego Incredible games was released, confirming that Macroburst was indeed a man.

Tumblr pc2j3fD5Py1v77d9uo1 1280

Macroburst's confirmed color and appearance from the Lego Incredibles Video game in 2018.

It was never fully determined on why Syndrome chose to list Macroburst as a Him/Her, but it could have been possible, that Sybrome might have done this either as a gag to make fun of the Hero, or he just didn't have enough respect to reveal him by his true gender. Though it was also possible, that Pixar chose to do this on purpose, in an attempt to have fans use their imaginations on what they might have thought of Macroburst, before 2018, and revealing it to everyone through the Legos Incredible video game, finally bringing an end to the Macroburst Gender mystery.


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