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"Next time you gamble, bet on your own life!"
—Mirage after almost having died due to Syndrome's arrogance.[src]
Mirage is a supporting character in The Incredibles who is Syndrome's assistant during the super genocide plan.

Her job was to convince Bob Parr into becoming a hero again, in order for Syndrome to eventually destroy him with the Omnidroid v.9. After Mr. Incredible is captured, having found out the true intentions of the two, Mirage has to inform him that his family has died due to their cause. Parr, very angered and saddened by this, grabs Mirage and threatens to kill her if Syndrome doesn't let him free. Parr states; "It'll be easy – like breaking a toothpick". Syndrome, thinking that he is bluffing, teases him to just do it. After a while of silence, Mr. Incredible releases Mirage – to Syndrome's amusement.

Later on, Mirage confronts Buddy for risking her life instead of his, when gambling on life or death situations, like before. Buddy attempts to apologize – but she storms off, annoyed by his arrogance.

Near the climax of the film, Mirage frees Mr. Incredible. To her surprise, however, Mr. Incredible attacks her, grabbing her by the throat. Mirage barely chokes out that his family is alive, and that their technology was incorrect when claiming that they had died.

Mr. Incredible releases her, relieved that his wife and children are still alive – and hugs Mirage. Elastigirl, coming to save Mr. Incredible – walks into them hugging. Helen thinks that Bob was being unfaithful to her, due to evidence leading up to the current moment. Helen punches Mirage and yells at Bob, but while she is doing so, Bob kisses her. He then asks how could he betray the perfect woman.


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