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"True to his incredible strengths, all Bob wants to do is save the world - even if he has to do it undercover. It takes almost losing everything, however, for him to see that the real source of his power is his extraordinary family."
—The official Pixar website.
"No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know, for a little bit? I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for... for ten minutes!"
—Mr. Incredible on saving the world[src]

Robert "Bob" Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, is the husband of Helen Parr, and the father of Violet Parr, Dash Parr, and Jack-Jack Parr, also the overall main protagonist of The Incredibles franchise. He is the main protagonist of The Incredibles, and its first short video, Mr. Incredible and Pals, the deuteragonist of Incredibles 2, and a minor character in its second short video, Auntie Edna.


Bob's personality is that of a classical hero. He is nice, friendly, strong, brave, fatherly, heroic and pleasant. But as shown in newsreels, Bob is physically invulnerable but all too human in his flaws. His NSA file described him as easily distracted and unable to prioritize. He grows weary of a world that cannot stay saved for more than five minutes; and later, shows a streak of hubris and arrogant pride, seeking to relive his glory days at the expense of his family life. Bob also has a tendency to try to solve the world's problems on his own, refusing and actively dismissing help from anyone, even from his loving wife and the sage counsel of his best friend Frozone. These flaws combined nearly cost him his life and the lives of his family. He loves his wife, even though he doesn't spend much time with his family and frequently goes off with Lucius for some crime fighting. He also treats other women with respect, which was picked up by Syndrome, who instructs Mirage to be appreciative, but not seductive, towards Mr. Incredible.

Bob's commitment to doing what is right is so strong that he displays it even when not involved in heroics. This is shown when while working for Insuricare, where he constantly found legal loopholes to help his customers, which often earned him the ire of his greedy and selfish boss, Gilbert Huph. These disagreements eventually came to a head, when Huph prevented Bob from helping a man being mugged, and was glad he didn't help the man. Fed up, Bob angrily grabbed Mr. Huph by the neck and threw him through five walls, leaving him in a full body cast, which caused Bob to lose his job. Bob is also calm, collected, and polite, but occasionally he exhibits an intimidating and ferocious rage, and if sufficiently angered, he can be quite fearsome, such as when he threw Mr. Huph through five walls, appearing to break several of his bones. He always tries to reason with his opponents and appeal to their better nature to avoid unnecessary violence, but if a villain cannot be reasoned with and posed a threat to innocent lives, he tries to terminate them if their capture wasn't an option because he knows how many innocent lives could be lost if he allows them to live. However, he always spares an opponent if they appeared to have underlying goodness, such as Mirage (who revealed to him that his family was alive).

In the sequel, Bob has learned to keep his pride and ego somewhat in check. While initially jealous that Helen was chosen to be the face of the superhero legalization campaign over him, he swallowed his pride and was ultimately the one who convinced her to do it, even admitting that it was for his sake after claiming it was for their children. Also, despite his jealousies, Bob continued to deeply love Helen, immediately attempting to rescue her when he believed she was in danger. With Helen doing superhero work, Bob decided to try his best at being a good dad for his children. However, his aggressive methods of doing so ironically only caused him to push them away. Meanwhile, his wife's success caused him to hide his failings from her. All of this ultimately caused him to be exhausted, during which he acted selfishly and short-tempered. It is only when he vents his frustrations and apologizes that he and his children finally start to develop a genuine connection.

Physical appearance

Bob is an exceptionally tall and muscular man with a broad chest, shoulders, arms, and legs (as it befits his superhuman strength). According to official sources, Bob is currently 6'7" (201 cm) in height and he is 350 pounds (158.9 kg) in weight.

At the beginning of the first film, Bob was 25-years-old and slim-waisted. In the present day, a now 40-year-old Bob had become somewhat obese by the time his daughter Violet was in middle school, gaining a large gut that exceeds well over fifty inches around the waist. He goes on an intense training regime, and eventually succeeds in losing a lot of the weight so as to resume his super-heroics before leaving to go to Nomanisan Island. Even so, Edna is shocked at seeing how much heavier he had become over the years after he had trained. He has short, blonde hair (which has receded in his middle-age), fair skin, and blue eyes.


Early life

While not much is known about his early life, Bob has shared he was trained in his days as a rookie hero by veteran wartime hero Jack B. Nimble. Not as naturally agile as his teacher, Bob and Jack worked together to adapt Bob's powerhouse fighting style so he could more easily dodge and move around enemy blows and weaponry.

The Incredibles

In the prologue, Mr. Incredible is being interviewed. He talked about the subject of what being a superhero means to them, the importance of a secret identity, the burden of always being vigilant to protect the world from one threat after another, and the importance of superhero individuality.

Mr. Incredible experiences an otherwise routine day of fighting crime, from stopping criminals to rescuing a cat from a tree. A police report from his car sends him on his way to hunt down a tour bus robbery, and in the Incredibile's shotgun seat waiting for him is Buddy Pine, a boy who wants to join Mr. Incredible in his crime-fighting efforts, to which he uses the seat's booster function to get Buddy out of the car, and drives off. Upon confronting a robber on a rooftop, Elastigirl shows up and knocks him out before he can. After romantic, playful banter, Elastigirl leaves to prepare for a previous engagement. Mr. Incredible proceeds to handle the robber, when Frozone, his closest friend, reminds him to get ready for his wedding with Elastigirl, a.k.a. Helen Truax.

Mr. Incredible then saves a man from committing suicide by jumping off a skyscraper, with both crashing through a window. A wall explodes, and Bomb Voyage emerges, a French supervillain who specializes in explosives, walking out with two duffel bags of money. Buddy shows up in the shattered window where Mr. Incredible entered the building. Mr. Incredible rejects his help, but then has to save him by removing a bomb from his cape that Voyage stuck onto. Mr. Incredible has no choice but to release Bomb Voyage and go after Buddy. He removes the bomb from Buddy's cape, which detonates and blows up a portion of the Metroville Monorail. Mr. Incredible succeeds in stopping the train just in time before it crashes and hands Buddy to the police for compromising his mission and ensuring Bomb Voyage's escape. He arrives late for his wedding with Helen, and they formally get married. It was revealed that Mr. Incredible was sued by both by the victims of the train accident and by the man that attempted suicide, despite Mr. Incredible saving their lives in both instances. This led the way for a raft of lawsuits against supers, which then led to the government banning supers altogether.

Fifteen years later, Bob has settled down with his wife Helen and they have three children: Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Following the government’s outlawing of superhero activity, the great joy and duty Bob feels in protecting the innocent is greatly contrasted by having to live a mediocre life where his powers needs to be hidden instead of used to help. Apart from Frozone, Bob loses contact with many of Supers who struggles with the same dilemma of adjusting to a society that banishes their gifts. Thus, by no longer utilising his super strength, his physique deteriorates as he becomes unhappy and weaker. By the time his daughter has completed middle school, Bob has grown obese, though he is still incredulously strong. In addition, he is frustrated with the drudgery of his job as a claims adjuster for a corrupt insurance company called Insuricare and secretly helps deserving clients to find loopholes to get their payments. He dreams of returning back to his glory days of superheroism, going so far as to moonlight as a crime fighter by listening to a police scanner every Wednesdays, with his friend Frozone, known now as Lucius Best, claiming to their wives that they're going bowling, though Lucius actually wants to go. They have discovered that another former superhero named Gazerbeam has had trouble adjusting to civilian life like Bob does, and is now missing.

One Wednesday night, they go to save people from a burning building but the lack of air moisture prevents Lucius from putting out the fire. They accidentally run into the nearby jewelry store, where a policeman assumes they are robbers; Lucius freezes him with the water from the nearby dispenser. When Helen finds out about Bob's nighttime escapades, it causes an argument; Bob hates having to hide him and his family's gifts, and wants to return to the heroics of the old days, while Helen is concerned about keeping the family together and not having to start over again by going into hiding in a brand new location.

Eventually Gilbert Huph, Bob's miserly boss, suspects Bob is helping clients and reprimands him. While begrudgingly typing on his computer, he gets called to Huph’s office, overhearing his boss screaming at the assistant as to his to Bob’s whereabouts. Leaving his office, he bumps into the partitions due to his gut and needs to squeeze through. Unbeknownst to him, a mysterious, silver-haired lady enters his office and leaves a package. During the lecture from Huph, Bob notices a person being mugged in the street. Mr. Huph stops Bob from going to the victim's aid, threatening to fire him, and the mugger escapes. When Huph smugly begins lecturing again, Bob, furious with his boss's insensitivity, brutally grabs him by the neck and hurls him through several office walls. Huph is hospitalized and Bob is fired. Normally, government agent and Bob's old friend Rick Dicker would clean up such an incident, but since it costs the government too much money, Dicker says he can no longer help Bob, but quickly relents and offers to bail him out one last time, but Bob refuses since his family has adjusted to their current life.

Back home, Mirage, a mysterious agent and lady that went into his office, contacts him from a digital tablet she left him and offers highly-paid work: subduing a renegade robot, the Omnidroid v.8, on Nomanisan Island, an uncharted volcanic island. Promised an offer thrice of what Insuricare paid him and to resume heroics, Bob looks around the walls of his home office and sees every picture, newspaper and memorabilia he had from the glory days. Without hesitation, Bob takes the assignment, telling Helen that he is attending a conference out of town, hiding both the loss of his job and his renewal of hero work. Finding his old blue superhero suit, Bob puts it on and boards a a plane heading to Nomanisan Island where he is briefed about his mission. He is told that it wanders the southern region of the island and that given his reputation of wrecking things, not to completely destroy it. Mirage tells him to shut down the Omnidroid as fast as possible as it learns more from its opponent the longer the fight continues. He is then launched from the plane and eventually lands on the south of Nomanisan Island. Bob looks for the robot, but eventually has to stop and take a breath as his bothersome weight quickly tires him. After running deeper into the jungle, a winded Mr. Incredible leans into a tree to catch his breath. He notices claw marks and a strange footprint in the shape of an X. Suddenly, the Omnidroid v.8 emerges from behind two trees much to the shock of Bob. They fight for a short period, until the Omnidroid starts chasing Mr. Incredible away in its ball form. Eventually, they end up beside a lava lake. Mr. Incredible manages to lure the robot into the lava, but injures his back celebrating. His victory is short-lived as the Omnidroid emerges from the lava, now covered in molten liquid. The robot starts spinning its hot claws and forces Bob to jump onto a broken rock, but is picked up. He is then smacked down on the ground and pulled from legs and arms so that he is ripped apart. Fortunately, due to his superhuman durability the force ironically fixes his dislocated back much to Bob's delight. He rips off the robots claw and hides under its centre. The Omnidroid uses its second eye on its south, which Bob pulls off and throws into the lava. He crawls into the robot, and makes it punch holes in itself and rip out its own power core. That night, he has dinner with Mirage before coming home.

With the hefty reward, Bob begins to lead a much happier life with his family. To get back into shape, Bob starts to exercise by using cargo trains as weights to rid him of his obesity. This takes quite some time, but Bob eventually rids himself of a lot of the excess fat and gets closer to his pre-Super ban physique. The new car, healthy life style and overall happier attitude of Bob comes to the joy of Helen, though she starts to wonder as to what causes this. When Mirage calls Bob for a new assignment, Helen overhears through the living room phone on the same line and wonders if her husband has an affair. Because he has slightly damaged his supersuit from the previous battle, and takes it to its designer, the flamboyant Edna Mode, for repairs. Not immediately recognised, Bob removes his sun glasses which prompts Edna to express how fat he had gotten, even after he had gotten back in shape. Edna also offers to create a brand new suit for him and he accepts but, unbeknownst to him, she also creates suits for his entire family.

Back on the island, Mr. Incredible makes his way into the conference room, only to discover it was a trap, and is ambushed by the upgraded Omnidroid v.9. Embittered by constant rejection from his former idol, he made a fortune in high-tech weapons technology. He then invented the Omnidroid, a robot designed to kill supers, which was upgraded whenever a super defeated it. While Syndrome is on a monologue bragging about all he has accomplished, Mr. Incredible throws a log at him. However, Syndrome dodges it just in time and traps Mr. Incredible using his zero-point energy. After throwing using the zero-point energy ray to throw Mr. Incredible around in order to show his power over the superhero, Syndrome accidentally throws him over a waterfall and into a river. Syndrome sends a bomb to kill Mr. Incredible and sends a probe to ensure that Mr. Incredible has been killed. Mr. Incredible sees the bomb, and takes cover from it in an underwater cave. He discovers the remains of the former superhero Gazerbeam, finding that Gazerbeam had carved the word "KRONOS" into the cave wall with his dying breath. He uses Gazerbeam's remains to hide from the probe, tricking it into thinking that he is dead. The probe is tricked, causing Syndrome to believe that Mr. Incredible is dead.

Determined to discover Syndrome's plans, Mr. Incredible breaks back into his facilities, finds a computer and, using "Kronos" as the password, discovers Syndrome's plan to systematically eliminate Supers. Mr. Incredible went through the database of who had won each fight, which also showed that no super had ever survived the second fight. As he is leaving the room upon also discovering Operation Kronos, Elastigirl activates a homing device on Mr. Incredible's supersuit in order to discover where he is, causing Mr. Incredible to be captured.

In the containment unit that Mr. Incredible is held in (a room in which a prisoner is held in an energy field), Syndrome interrogates Mr. Incredible to find out who Mr. Incredible had summoned with the homing device. Syndrome then finds out that Mr. Incredible knows who it is upon playing a transmission from a plane that had requested permission to land on the island. The pilot of the plane was Elastigirl, who had borrowed a jet to find her husband. Syndrome responds by sending missiles to destroy the plane. Elastigirl reports the missiles to the island and asks for them to be disengaged, revealing that there are children aboard the plane, which are Dash and Violet, who had stowed away on the plane wearing their own supersuits upon finding a sitter for Jack-Jack. The transmissions are played in the containment unit in which Bob is held. Upon the missiles making contact with the plane, Mirage reports to Syndrome that the plane had been destroyed. Mr. Incredible then grabs Mirage and threatens to kill her if he is not released. Mr. Incredible releases Mirage, and Syndrome calls him out for being weak.

Elastigirl finds Mr. Incredible, who just seconds previously had been released by Mirage to tell him that his family had survived the crash. He is hugging Mirage upon Elastigirl showing up, in which he is forced to explain that he had not been cheating on his wife, and that Mirage was helping him escape. Mirage tells them that their kids may have been the ones who triggered the alarm, causing Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible to start looking for their children. Dash and Violet are shown to outwit the guards and use their powers to escape them. The kids run into their parents as they run through the jungle together. The family works together to quickly defeat the guards, however, Syndrome captures and imprisons them.

Syndrome imprisons the family in his containment unit to prevent them from interfering with his plan. Syndrome plays news broadcasts of the Omnidroid v.10 attacking the city for the Incredibles to watch. Syndrome then explains his plan: to save Metroville from his own Omnidroid and thereby become a hero. He intends to sell his gadgets to the world once his career is finished, making everyone super and the possession of superpowers no longer unique, meaning that 'no one will be super'. He then leaves the Incredibles in an energy prison. He departs for Metroville, leaving the Incredibles imprisoned on Nomanisan Island. After his departure, Mr. Incredible vents his grief about being the cause of all of this, claiming that he's been so afraid of being undervalued, he undervalued his own family. Violet meanwhile uses her force field to sever her magnetic bonds, and frees the rest of the family, and with Mirage's help, they board a second rocket bound for the city.

In Metroville, Syndrome attempts to stop the Omnidroid's destructive rampage, but the robot figures out the nature of his remote control and knocks him unconscious. The Incredibles arrive in Metroville, but Mr. Incredible orders everyone to stay behind while he handles the monster, not wanting to risk losing his family again, but Elastigirl insists he does not go alone. Mr. Incredible saves Violet and Dash from being crushed by the Omnidroid, and teams up with his wife and Frozone to fight the robot. After several minutes of fighting, he realizes that the only way to defeat the Omnidroid is by piercing it with its own claw with the remote, and has Elastigirl use the remote to activate a detached claw, allowing him to throw it at the robot, piercing it. The town applauds them for their achievements; the possibility of superheroes coming out of hiding is mentioned. Syndrome wakes up to find that the Incredibles have stolen his glory.

Rick Dicker drives the Incredibles home, telling them that the United States government has frozen Syndrome's assets and put a warrant out for his arrest. Helen listens to the messages left by Kari and learn that a replacement came over, so they hurry to their house, only to find that Syndrome is there. He immobilizes the Incredibles to prevent them from taking action. Syndrome reveals that he is kidnapping Jack-Jack, intending to raise him as his sidekick, in revenge for his future being taken away. As Syndrome attempts to fly up to his jet using his rocket boots, Jack-Jack suddenly reveals his super powers by transforming into fire, metal, and then into an imp-like monster, unbeknownst to Jack-Jack's family, which causes Syndrome to drop him. Mr. Incredible throws his wife so she can catch Jack-Jack. When Syndrome announces that he will be back, Mr. Incredible decides to throw his sports car at the manta jet and Syndrome is pushed backwards by the resulting explosion. Syndrome is killed when his cape gets him sucked into the jet turbine and the manta jet explodes as a result. The Parrs' house is destroyed by the jet when it plummets to the ground but, they are happy that they survived it, courtesy of Violet's force field.

Three months later, the family is much happier; even Bob is content with their civilian life. Dash finishes 2nd at a school track meet and Violet arranges a movie date with her crush Tony Rydinger. As they walk out of the sports complex, a new villain, The Underminer, rises from the ground and declares "war on peace and happiness.” The family, including Jack-Jack, put on their masks and prepare to fight.

Incredibles 2

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl fight the Underminer, leaving behind Violet and Dash to look after Jack-Jack. Elastigirl aids Mr. Incredible in jumping onto the drill, and Frozone assists with stopping the Underminer until Frozone sees the situation as hopeless, and bails. When confronting the Underminer, Mr. Incredible tries to give a heroic speech, but is cut short when an unsuspecting Underminer accidentally sucks Bob along with the bank’s money. Punching his way through the metal container, the Underminer surprises him and uses his metal arms to pummel him. Bob loses patience and throws the villain into the control panel with such ferocity that it was destroyed. He is joined by his family, and helps Elastigirl prevent the Underminer's giant drill machine from destroying City Hall. After having battled The Underminer, Bob and his family are arrested. They are informed by Rick Dicker that the Superhero Relocation program has been shut down. The Parr family is forced to live in a motel since their home was destroyed battling Syndrome. Bob discovers Violet was seen in her super-suit by Tony Rydinger, with Bob telling Dicker to erase that from Tony's mind.

At dinner, the family argue over whether they should fight crime, with Helen arguing against since it is illegal to and the others minus Jack-Jack arguing for it since it is the right thing to do. By the pool, Bob and Helen are met by Lucius, who tells them he was offered by a mysterious man to change the law banning Supers. Bob and Helen leave the motel with Lucius. They meet with telecommunications tycoon and DevTech CEO Winston Deavor, who declares that he wants the Super Relocation Program revoked as much as they do. Winston proposes a plan to help give back the superheroes public support by setting up missions and publicity stunts to better their reputation. He enlists Elastigirl due to being the least destructive out of the three to which she agrees. Winston offers the Parrs a new home as a sign of appreciation and giving Elastigirl a new suit and bike, leaving Mr. Incredible and the kids to embark on her first mission.

While Helen is off fighting crime, Bob struggles with his new role as a stay-at-home parent and his kids have problems of their own. Dash has trouble with math homework and Violet becomes withdrawn after Tony unintentionally fails to show up at their date due to his memory wipe. Jack-Jack wreaks havoc with his burgeoning superpowers after seeing a raccoon outside that resembled a bad guy on TV. When Bob accidentally lets slip Tony's memory wipe, Violet is furious at him. He takes the family, minus Helen, to the Happy Platter, where Dicker told Bob Tony works, but ends in embarrassment for Violet when she squirts water out of her nose when she sees Tony.

Later, a very sleep-deprived Bob see a news report on TV about how a rich man has purchased the Incredibile. Bob is understandably furious since he was told it had been destroyed, wanting it back. Things get worse when Jack-Jack uses his powers in front of Dash and Violet, who are shocked that he knew and didn't tell them about it. When they tried to confront him, Bob finally snaps at them out of rage, as he vents how overwhelmed he is. Violet decides to call Lucius, who comes over to help deal with Jack-Jack and advises Bob to get some outside help after seeing his abilities. He leaves Jack-Jack with Edna, and sees Violet when he gets home. He apologizes to her for getting her erased from Tony's mind and confesses that he tried to be a good dad he regrets his mistake and wishes to be better. Violet comforts him and tells him he's 'super', but Bob falls asleep as Violet hugs him. Bob wakes up after sleeping for 17 hours, and goes to Edna's to pick up Jack-Jack. Edna shows Bob how the baby's suit works, and that he can use a device to control his powers.

Back at home that night, Bob demonstrates Jack-Jack's powers using his new supersuit and device to his elder children, who are excited by the array of his powers. Later, he gets a call from Evelyn Deavor telling him that Helen is in trouble, but is using the call to lure him so she can hypnotise him. He leaves the kids with Lucius and goes to find Helen, but it is a trap. A mind-controlled Elastgirl forces the hypno-goggles onto Bob, which results in him being under the control of Evelyn as well as Elastigirl and Frozone, who was hypnotized while trying to protect the kids after Bob left.

At the super re-legalization ceremony aboard the Everjust, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone are commanded by Evelyn to give a speech that puts supers in a bad light. Everyone else on the superyacht including Winston is hypnotized so that the three hypnotised supers can divert the vessel towards shore, putting many lives at risk and tarnishing the reputation of supers. However, the children find their parents and Frozone. He, along with Helen and Lucius, have their hypno-goggles removed, who, along with the kids, remove the goggles from the other hypnotised supers. Mr. Incredible heads towards the bridge to shut down the superyacht, but Krushauer has blocked the hallway with pipes. Since Krushauer cannot 'un-crush' objects, Mr. Incredible must swim to the rudder and push it so that the superyacht can be steered away from New Urbem, while Frozone attempts to help steer the ship using ice. While Elastigirl stops and rescues Evelyn, he manages to turn the rudder, and the Everjust starts to change direction, but is not brought back up to the deck by Dash until Violet is satisfied it has sufficiently diverted away enough from shore. The ship reaches shore just as it is about to stop, but Frozone lays a thick layer of snow as a buffer against the nearby buildings to prevent any structural damage. The supers are thanked and the Supers Relocation Program is finally revoked, making supers legal once again.

The Parrs Tony go to the movies for Violet and Tony's date, with Bob and Helen engaging in awkward small talk with Violet and Tony. However, at the theater, the Parrs witness a car of bank-robbers armed with machine guns being chased by the police driving down the street. They leave Tony at the theater, and Violet promises to be back in time for the movie. The Parrs don their masks, ready to pursue the criminals.

Auntie Edna

Bob drops off Jack-Jack at Edna's mansion after she realises Jack-Jack has many powers, so she can study him, while Bob catches up on some much-needed sleep. The next day, after having slept for 17 hours, Bob returns so Edna can show off Jack-Jack's new supersuit. Edna explains to Bob that whenever she babysits Jack-Jack (unlike other babies), she does not charge him as Bob and Jack-Jack leave for home. Later, Edna notices Jack-Jack (presumably a clone of himself) next to her, as Edna runs after Bob to tell him that he forgot his baby.

Other media

Pixar Popcorn

Chore Day – The Incredibles Way

The opening scene shows Bob helping Jack-Jack pick up his toys. Jack-Jack drops a couple but he duplicates to pick them up. Later, Bob wants Dash to clean the Incredibile. Bob leaves the remote on a table and Dash uses it to move the Incredibile back and forth through the waterfall in the garage. After the Parrs have finished their chores, Bob tries to prepare a barbecue outside, but fails twice. Bob initially had trouble lighting the match before it started to rain. Violet uses her force field to shield them from the rain and the Parrs roast marshmallows over Jack-Jack, who is on fire.

Cookie Num Num

Bob wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to go downstairs to the kitchen for a midnight snack. He sees Helen and Jack-Jack sleeping on the couch, then notices one cookie on the cake stand. Bob gets the milk out of the fridge and turns around, only to see the cookie is gone. He sees that Dash has the cookie and is about to eat it. Bob presses down on the counter, which bounces the cookie out of Dash's grasp, and Bob catches it. Dash runs towards Bob to grab the cookie but Bob keeps him away. Just as Bob tries to eat the cookie, Violet uses a force field to grab it. Dash knocks the force field out of Bob's hand and catches it, but at the same time they are careful not to wake Helen and Jack-Jack. Bob takes the force field, but Dash and Violet fight over the cookie with Bob. Bob tries to squeeze the cookie out, but the force field flies out of his hands. The force field bounces around until it starts to fall. Violet takes the force field and everyone tries to grab the cookie. Before it reaches anyone in the kitchen, Helen catches the cookie and eats it, much to everyone's surprise.

Powers & Abilities


Bob pulling a train.

  • Superhuman Strength: Mr. Incredible's primary superpower is his tremendous level of superhuman strength. While the precise limits of his strength aren't clearly established, according to Syndrome's data files on "Supers", Bob's exact lifting limit is well in excess of 66 tons, though he was previously seen bench-pressing an ALCO locomotive, which weighs 153 tons. Even in middle age, he is phenomenally strong, being able to bench-press locomotives and fight on equal footing with the Omnidroid 8000. Mr. Incredible's superhuman strength apparently extends to all his musculature. Most notably, his leg muscles possess sufficient strength to enable him to leap incredible heights, with a significant freedom in his agility and movement. His NSA file even felt it necessary to designate his strength-based powers as “Mega Strength,” placing it in a separate category form other, similarly powered Supers.
    • Superhuman Speed: His superhumanly strong muscles also give him a certain degree of enhanced speed. However, while it appears that he can run and move significantly faster than any normal human, his speed does not approach that of his son Dash.
    • Superhuman Agility: His superhumanly strong muscles allow him to perform feats of great agility a normal human being could never achieve without hurting himself or damaging his ligaments. Combined with his jumping ability, Mr. Incredible is able to perform some astonishing maneuvers no other normal human or even the finest of athletes could do.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Mr. Incredible also possesses a superhuman degree of endurance and stamina. He is capable of engaging in heavy feats of strength and combative endeavors for lengthy durations without tiring readily.
  • Near-Invulnerability: Mr. Incredible also has a superhuman degree of resistance to physical injury. He can withstand tremendous amounts of physical trauma, including multi-story falls, the direct impact of a train, breaking through brick walls, and withstanding 100,000 volts of electricity while under torture. His body is capable of withstanding the physical stresses needed in order to apply his strength substantially without his bones or tissues breaking or tearing. At the beginning of the first film, when a common thug threatened him by pointing a gun at him point blank, Mr. Incredible showed no concern from almost being shot by a low-caliber bullet. He can, however, be cut with very extremely durable metals and a suitable amount of force.
  • Enhanced Senses: According to his NSA file, Mr. Incredible can "sense" imminent danger. This power may have been depicted when Bomb Voyage was robbing a bank and Bob heard the faint beeping of an explosive from the other side of a thick wall. Also, when he arrived home after a few hours of vigilantism, he quickly noticed the presence of another person in the dark room; said presence was his wife however.


  • Skilled Strategist: His years of super-heroic experience allows him to rapidly formulate effective strategies to deal with opponents who cannot be bested by his brute strength alone. It also allows him to work well with other heroes he is familiar with and take advantage of their powers in concert with his own.
  • Skilled Swimmer: He is also a very good swimmer. His substantial strength aids in his propulsion underwater.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Mr. Incredible's vast experience and years of crime-fighting have turned him into an excellent unarmed combatant.


  • Durability: Mr. Incredible doesn't appear to have any specific superhuman weaknesses, but he is as vulnerable as anyone to hubris from the veneration of his "glory days" and in middle age he has a bad back. In a deleted scene, it was implied that his superhuman durability was in of itself a weakness, as it would have exposed him when his fingers dented a butcher knife when he accidentally chopped his hand with it, forcing him to act fast and fake an injury, and later allowed him to be identified by one of the neighbors, an agent of Syndrome.
  • Uncontrollable Strength: His immense strength can also be a huge weakness he often has difficulty controlling, as shown when he constantly breaks or dents objects, such as his car and a small plate. It also became a problem when he threw Huph through five walls, which was much harder than he intended.
  • Sharp Attacks: He can be cut with extremely hard metals and a suitable amount of force. This is shown when the Omnidroid v.8 cuts him on his shoulder.
  • Molten Substances: Despite being near-indestructible, he is shown to have an aversion to lava, suggesting he is not completely invincible, and can be hurt and ultimately killed by molten substances.
  • Intense Force: Although Mr. Incredible has a certain degree of invulnerability, things that produce a large force can still cause him pain. For example, when he was going to stop an oncoming train, bare-handed, he winced just before it hit him; according to director Brad Bird this was him "preparing for the fact that it's going to hurt".



The Incredibile is Mr. Incredible's primary mode of transportation seen at the very beginning of The Incredibles. After thinking it was destroyed, he discovers in the sequel a rich collector had acquired it. Dash later steals it to help him and siblings escape from the hypnotised supers, but returns it to his father after they prevent the Everjust from crashing into shore.


  • Remote Control
  • Voice control (Mr. Incredible, Frozone, Violet, & Dash)
  • Driving modes: Manual, Auto, Pursuit, Hover, Hydro, & Stealth
  • A jet turbine on its rear that turns into a spare tire while in "stealth mode"
  • Built-in GPS system that can help Bob track down enemies, a mechanism that can change him into his Supersuit
  • A red "Boost" button that allows the car to go faster
  • Ejector passenger & driver seat
  • A pair of rocket launchers that extends from the sides

Bob's Second Car

Bob's second car after the Incredibile is a small blue and gray microcar which appears extremely small for Bob's large size. The car has a tendency to break down very often, and after arriving home from work, Bob lifts up the car in a fit of rage, causing a young boy on a tricycle who lives next door to stare in amazement.

Bob's Third Car

Bob's third car is a black sports car resembling an early 1960s Corvette. At the end of the film, he throws this car at Syndrome's manta ray jet, knocking the villain off balance as well as causing his cape to get caught in one of its turbines, which leads to his death.

Family Station Wagon

At the end of Incredibles 2, the family rides in a brand new red station wagon, somewhat similar to Helen's station wagon. While originally used to drive to the movie theatre, when a car engaged in a shootout chase sped past them, the family drop Tony off at the theatre. The family then dons their superhero masks and Bob pushes a red button, which transforms the wagon into a form very similar to the Incredibile, albeit with enough room for the whole family. This car also has the Incredibile's rocket booster which is used to catch up to the car chase.


Short Films

Video Games


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  • Before Craig T. Nelson was cast, Harrison Ford was originally considered for the role.
  • Despite his obesity, Bob was still immensely strong, able to break through walls and lift heavy objects (such as his car) with little to no effort.
  • In the Operation Kronos database, Mr. Incredible was given a threat rating of 9.1, the highest rating of any of the supers.
  • Both movies start with Bob failing to catch a supervillain: Bomb Voyage in the first and the Underminer in the second.
  • When Bob, at the end of the first movie, opens his shirt and reveals his super suit under it, he does it in a similar way to Superman, a DC Comics hero known for striking the same pose.
  • Bob Parr is the first human protagonist in a Pixar feature film.
  • In the second film, Bob admits that many people have discovered his secret identity but Rick Dicker has always been able to erase their memories.
  • Bob Parr first appeared on the cover of a comic book a boy was reading in the waiting room around after the middle of Finding Nemo before making his official debut the year afterwards.
  • Near the end of the first film, Bob saves Violet and Dash by lifting up the Omnidroid v.10. Its weight is calculated as roughly 40,000,000 pounds (20,000 tons); therefore, his maximum lifting capacity is at least this number.
  • He can do math, but has trouble adjusting to how the teachers "change" it.
  • At the start of the first movie, Bob expresses the desire to retire from superhero duties and make himself a family, while Helen dismisses the idea entirely; in the end, their attitudes towards civilian life are the exact opposite, with Helen content to be a housewife and Bob incapable of letting go of his past.
  • Bob and Helen both still own their classic supersuits in the second film, although it would be assumed the suits would have been destroyed with their old house in the first film. However, they may have survived because of Edna designing the suits to be nearly indestructible.
  • It was hinted in a deleted scene that he may have broken the law when he married Elastigirl, as when Syndrome (then a minor one-shot villain who sought revenge) discovered that Mr. Incredible was married to Elastigirl, and they had a baby (Violet), he said "Isn't it illegal for Supers to breed?" This concept was presumably cut in the final version, as when a similar revelation was made, he doesn't mention anything about whether it was legal or not for Supers to marry and have kids.


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