Nimble Jack was a veteran wartime hero and the teacher of Mr. Incredible.


Jack was a tall and slim but muscular man. His suit was orange with black boots and gloves, a helmet with a visor and a large yellow N on the chest.


Skills and Abilities

  • Superhuman Agility: Jack possessed super agility, which allows him to perform acrobatic and gymnastic movements very easily.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: he also has a superhuman degree of reflexes.


Jack trained Mr. Incredible in his rookie days. At first, Jack wanted to teach Bob to be agile and gymnastic like him, but it was soon obvious that this was not the best for Bob. When Bob yelled at him that he wasn't like him, Jack understood that he shouldn't make Bob do things the same way he did, so Bob and Jack worked together to adapt Bob's powerhouse fighting style so he could more easily dodge and move around enemy blows and weaponry.

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