The Omnidroid v.10 is the central antagonist of The Incredibles. It also made an appearance in the following video games: The Incredibles, Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, Disney INFINITY, and LEGO The Incredibles. It was deployed by Syndrome to attack the city of Metroville so he may destroy it himself, gain fame and glory for its defeat, and perhaps prove himself to Mr. Incredible. Despite being the central antagonist, it only appears at the film's climax. It is the final Omnidroid created by Syndrome. It is the largest, strongest, and smartest of the Omnidroids, since the Omnidroids learn from the supers that they fight, and this is the last Omnidroid that Syndrome created. It was perfected for the final stage of Operation Kronos.


It initially arrived at Metroville via a rocket Syndrome launched from Nomanisan Island and ravaged the city virtually unopposed, with the army's efforts being futile. Syndrome then arrives to shut it down, but realized it was being controlled by Syndrome's remote, it betrayed him and blasts the remote off his arm to gain full control. Soon afterwards, the Incredibles and Frozone show up to destroy it. After several minutes of being unable to contain, Mr. Incredible realises it can be controlled by the remote after remembering Syndrome controlling it back on Nomanisan Island. After going through several hands, Elastigirl ends up with the remote and uses it to fire a detached claw Mr. Incredible was holding. The claw pierces through the robot, destroying it.


  • This model differs significantly from its predeccesors:
    • Previous models were grey while v.10 was black.
    • The visor on 10's head is red, while the ones on 09's and 08's heads are orange and blue respectively.
    • Unlike the Omnidroids 08 and 09, the 10 is also covered in panels of plated armor.
    • The Omnidroid v.10 is five stories tall, making it the largest Omnidroid built.
  • When Mirage and Mr. Incredible discuss how the Omnidroid v.8 was smart enough to figure it was being controlled, this foreshadows the Omnidroid v.10 figuring out it was controlled by Syndrome.
  • It is the only Omnidroid to be defeated by multiple heroes at a time.
  • It is also the only known Omnidroid that betrayed and defeated its own creator.


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