Jill Carson, also known as the supervillain Organa, is a minor antagonist and rouge of Helen Parr in the non-canon The Incredibles: Comic Series.


Organa is a woman in her fourties with blonde hair, blue eyes and an oval shaped face.

In her supervillian attire she wears a sleeveless lab coat over a purple leotard, purple gloves and boots, a green utility belt with viles, and fishnet stocks.


At first, Organa appeared to be solely a kind and neighborly woman who cared greatly for her family. However later on a darker, more vengeful side to her. She is willing to stop at nothing to exact revenge on Elastigirl.

However, once her husband and sons find out about her past as a supervillain, she becomes ashamed of herself for being seen and fall into a state of depression.

Skills and Abilities

  • Chemistry: Organa is a skilled chemist, using her skills in the subject to comic crimes.
  • Inventing Skills: She was able to inven a pair of goggles that could track Elasticgirl’s heat signiture.
  • Acting: Organa has bemonstrated superb acting skills, able to trick Elasticgirl until she revealed herself to her, much her ememy ‘s surprise.


During the glory days, Organa would use her geni level intellect to commit crimes and fight Elasticgirl. After she was released from jail following one of these fights, she dedicated her life to learning her foe’s secret identity and eleminate her foe once and for all. At one point she met a man, Jim Carson, who she eventually married and had two sons.

Her quest to learn Elasticgirl’s identity was a success and she and her family moved next door to them and grew close to the Parrs. She would give them cake and cookies with a power draining allergen baked into them in the hope of slowly draining their powers, however only Mr. Incredible and Jack-Jack Parr ate them, causing their powers to deteriorate.

When her husband and sons were at a baseball game, she took the opportunity to attack the mall in the hopes of eliminating her foe and her family. However they succeeded and she had more waiting for them at their house. Later that they she revealed herself as the supervillain Organa and explained her plot, just as her family arrived. Organa was in shock and became ashamed while she family looked at her and the Incredibles in shock, her family is attacked and taken captive by one of her clay minions, which she lost control over, however they are freed by Mr. Incredible and taken to the kitchen to cover themselves from the blast of a devolution bomb, however she does not move and is turned in to a chimp as a result. To avoid her going to jail, her family moves to the mountainus outskirts of town. She still regains her intelligents and culinary skills.

She is never cured as the series was canceled before she could receive one.

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