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"You want out of the hole? First, you gotta put down the shovel."
—Dicker giving an analogy to Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl of how to fix their situation[src]

Richard "Rick" Dicker is a supporting character in The Incredibles and Jack-Jack Attack and a minor character in Incredibles 2. He was a government agent of the former NSA (National Supers Agency), which was meant to clean up any Super accidents. He is now head of the Super Relocation Program, a government program that helps former Supers get settled into normal life.


Rick Dicker can be described as an aloof yet caring person. He shows no emotion, even when faced with a very stressful or joyful occasion. However, he shows compassion when need be, such as when he told Bob and Helen the Super Relocation Program was being shut down. He tends to be blunt to other people, telling things as it is.

Physical appearance[]

Rick Dicker has a long head, large nose, blue eyes and short, grey hair. He is almost exclusively seen dressed in a dark grey suit and pants, with a black tie and white shirt. In the second half of the sequel, he is dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, after he lost his job as head of the Super Relocation Program after it was shut down.


The Incredibles[]

He is a very good friend of Bob and Helen Parr, knowing them since the glory days. He was even present at their wedding, just before the glory days ended. At the beginning of the Super Relocation Program, Rick took care of locating the superheroes under civilian identities.

Due to Bob Parr's constant need to help others like in the glory days resulting in trouble, Rick had to pay people to keep things quiet, erase memories and relocate the Parrs, so much that it was getting very exhausting and too expensive for the government. When Bob angrily threw his boss through five walls, Rick had no choice but to leave Bob to fend for himself. However, he offered one last chance for relocation, for old time's sake, which Bob turned down.

When Bob, his family, and Frozone defeated the Omnidroid v.10, Rick drove them home, informing them that he and his colleagues had frozen Syndrome's assets and would be ready with handcuffs if he appears anywhere. Bob asked if the Supers can come out of hiding, to which Rick replied that the politicians would figure that out, but commended them for doing a good job.

Jack-Jack Attack[]

Rick was interrogating Kari McKeen, who was looking after Jack-Jack Parr. She had a bad time trying to look after him when his powers began to manifest. She eventually got fed up when Syndrome arrived, claiming to be the replacement babysitter, and handed the baby over to him. Rick asks her if she told anyone; she answered that she told her parents, but they thought she was joking. She to forget the ordeal, in which Rick was glad to make happen, placing a plunger on her head to erase her memories of Jack-Jack.

Incredibles 2[]

After the Parrs were arrested following their battle with The Underminer, Rick bails them out and escorts the Parrs to a motel, securing payment for two weeks' lodging. Helen and Bob thank Rick for all he has done for them. Upon arriving Bob informs him that a boy named Tony Rydinger had discovered Violet's true identity. While Rick was dedicated to Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible, he was ultimately answerable to the U.S. government, who had had enough of Rick protecting supers such as the Incredibles. The bank robbery conducted by the Underminer and the Incredibles' failure to capture him, stop the robbery and prevent collateral damage was the final catalyst. The government ultimately shut down the Superhero Relocation Program, essentially leaving any heroes not acclimated to civilian life to finally fend for themselves, with the warning of legal action if they caused any further damage. Since the Superhero Relocation Program was dissolved, Rick Dicker no longer was needed as a government agent, and was forced into retirement.

Rick tracked down and interrogated Tony, who saw Violet without her mask on while on superhero duty, who he was supposed to go to the movies with. He wanted to forget seeing her like that, in which Rick was glad to make happen, placing a plunger on his head to specifically erase his memory of Violet in her supersuit, though it ends up erasing all of his memories of her.

Rick was seen when Bob was on the phone with him, wearing more casual clothes and cleaning out his office. He apologized to the Parrs for Violet's dilemma, saying his mind wipe of Tony worked too well. An embarrassed Rick admitted that memory erasing was not an exact science, though he did peruse through Tony's dossier and saw that the boy worked part-time at his parent's restaurant, "The Happy Platter". He was last seen at the courthouse, smiling and applauding as the anti-super law was repealed.


  • Rick Dicker draws similarities to a number of characters from other works:
    • He strongly resembles, has the same first name as, and could be based on former US President Richard Nixon.
    • His name is a reference to Rick Deckard from Blade Runner.
    • The agency Rick Dicker is affiliated with could be based on The Men in Black Organization. This means he could be based on Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones), a character from the film series, with their no-smile policy, facial features and distinguishing clothing preferences being shared.
    • His name could also possibly be a reference to Dick Dastardly, the villain from 60s cartoon Wacky Races.
  • Agent Dicker strongly resembles and was voiced by animator Bud Luckey in the first film, whose Oscar-nominated short "Boundin'," was included in the DVD release of the first film.
  • Rick Dicker telling the Incredibles about politicians deciding if supers can come out of hiding but commending them doing a good job alludes to the second film where supers are still illegal in the beginning of the film, though they are later made legal largely due to Winston Deavor's campaign.
  • In the comic, Crisis In Mid-Life, it was revealed that Rick has a son named Rick Junior.


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