Rocky first shows up in Incredibles 2, searching the Parr family's trash bins. Jack-Jack, having been watching old movies in the living room, sees on the television that the bad burglar has on a black mask, similar to the color pattern of Rocky's eyes. Jack-Jack then thinks that means Rocky is a bad guy since he appears to be stealing from the trash can, and he uses his intangibility to sneak outside and confront Rocky. Rocky attempts to attack Jack-Jack, not knowing that Jack-Jack has powers, which gives Rocky more than it bargained for with Jack-Jack's newfound set of powers. This leads to them having a lengthy battle while Bob lies on the couch, the fight being unbeknownst to him. Jack-Jack uses various powers such as his fire form and lasers in at attempt to shoo off or even kill him. Rocky gets away when Bob wakes up and grabs Jack-Jack.


  • The idea of having Jack-Jack fighting a raccoon and showing the raccoon his superpowers was originally pitched by Teddy Newton for the original film. It was dropped as there wasn't room for it, but director Brad Bird loved the idea so much that he used it in the second film.
  • Rocky's name goes unmentioned in the film itself, but it's name was revealed in the Incredibles 2 soundtrack by Michael Giacchino, which states that the score used in the fighting sequence between Jack-Jack and the raccoon is named Rocky vs. Jack-Jack.
  • So far, aside from the Incredible family and Rick Dicker, Rocky is one of the only characters who knows that Jack-Jack has superpowers (her being the only animal who knows this). Though Kari McKeen and Syndrome learned about this during the events of the original movie, Kari got her memories wiped out by Dicker while Syndrome got killed, thus dying with the secret.
  • It is unknown if the stylized credits sequence can be considered canon, and if it is indeed, it is unknown if Jack-Jack got Rocky burned to death, but it is likely that Bob saved Rocky from Jack-Jack since he did the first time.
  • Though their enmity in the film is clear, Rocky and Jack-Jack are paired as if they are friends in some merchandise.
  • Rocky is inspired by, but not to be confused with, The Beatles song of the same name.


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