Rose is a character in The Incredibles: Comic Series. She is the daughter and reluctant henchman of the villain Bulbox.


Rose is a teenager with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

When working with her father she wears an aquamarine and white suit with attachments on her arms that help her focus her sonic blasts.


Rose is a kind girl, but living a life helping her father's crimes makes her an inmate and reluctant to make friends. She helps her father despite knowing that what his father does is wrong, because he believes he is the only family he has. However, her heroism is shown when she helps capture her father and make him see that they must do the right things.

Skills and Abilities

  • Sonic Wave Manipulation: Rose is able to project sonic blasts from her hands that are capable of impacting objects and damaging people's ears. She can also generate subsonic blasts that affect the inner ear, causing clumsiness and loss of balance.


Rose appears in the comic Secret Identities. When Violet was joining the drama club, she tries to talk to her but Rose ignores her and leaves. Afterwards, Violet accidentally sees her using her powers to open her locker.

After failing her club audition, Violet is crying and tries to help her, revealing that she knows about her powers. Rose denies it and tries to leave, but Violet stops her with a force field showing her that she also has powers.

The two soon become friends, happy to talk to someone who understands. Rose convinces Violet to go out several nights to have fun and practice with her powers, without her knowing that Rose is actually preparing the places her father intended to assault.

One night they both talk about their families when they see Bulbox robbing a bank. Rose convinces Violet not to interfere. When he goes to her house to talk to her, Violet ends up discovering that Bulbox is her father. Rose explains that her father is her only family because her mother abandoned them and asks her not to say anything so they won't take him away, promising to convince him to abandon crime.

When her parents were fighting with Bulbox, Violet discovers that Rose was using her powers to affect her parents and stops her. After Rose used a sonic blasts to allow her father to run away, she leaves the scene after an argument with Violet.

During the school play, Rose and Bulbox burst to steal the money raised. Violet locks her in her force field where Rose says they need the money to leave town. After breaking Violet's field with his blast and helping her father, Dash uses wax plugs to protect everyone from her sonic blasts and then Helen immobilizes her. In the end, Rose decides to stop her father and finally convince him to do things right.

The Parr try to exculpate Rose with the law and there her mother reveals that she never abandoned her, but that her father took Rose and changed their last names when her mother discovered that he was a villain. Rose then makes peace with her father and goes to live with her mother.

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