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In the aftermath of Mr. Incredible’s foiling of his suicide attempt, Oliver Sansweet obtained the services of a lawyer and launched a lawsuit against the famed superhero in “superior court.” In the United States, a superior court is a higher court that has more general jurisdiction than the lesser courts. In this case, the lawsuit was probably in a federal court, as its ramifications were felt nationwide.

It is not stated directly if Mr. Sansweet’s case was successful. His life was definitely in danger, and Mr. Incredible took action that did indeed save his life, but the greatest significance of this case is that it led to other lawsuits against the U.S. Government and the superheroes.


From The Incredibles

Oliver Sansweet’s Lawyer: Mr. Sansweet didn't ask to be saved. Mr. Sansweet didn't want to be saved. And the injury he received from Mr. Incredible's "actions," so-called, causes him daily pain.
Mr. Incredible: Hey, I saved your life!
Oliver Sansweet: You didn’t save my life, you ruined my death. That’s what you did.


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