"You are no longer in control, I am."
—Screenslaver, Incredibles 2
Screenslaver aka False Screenslaver is the secondary antagonist of Incredibles 2. The character was first revealed in a LEGO set for the Incredibles 2. The goggles he wears serve as the face of Evelyn Deavor's plan to get rid of Supers and to unwillingly place other people in a hypnotic trance on her behalf so no suspicion would be placed on her. He's considered to be Elastigirl's rival while the real Screenslaver is her arch nemesis.



Screenslaver's mask seems to resemble a chlorine mask, as it has big round eyes, and a mouth that's pattern is similar to an air vent.

His costume seems to be all black, with a black scarf, black boots, black gloves, and a black belt.


During the grand opening of the New Urbem monorail, the conductor of the train is mesmerized by patterns appearing on his monitor to set the train in reverse. Elastigirl successfully saves the passengers and confronts the driver, but finds the latter has no memory of his actions, and what is left on the monitor is a cryptic message to Elastigirl written by someone called "The Screenslaver". When Elastigirl is invited to an interview, the Screenslaver hijacks all of the station's monitors, where he speaks through the interviewer to Elastigirl taunting her of his plan to assassinate the visiting ambassador. Rushing outside, Elastigirl finds out the Screenslaver has brainwashed the pilots on the helicopters accompanying the ambassador as they start firing on each other. Fortunately, Elastigirl rescues the ambassador in time to foil Screenslaver's plan.

The next day, Elastigirl and Evelyn devise a plan to track Screenslaver through the signal he uses when broadcasting himself. Elastigirl sets up another interview to lure Screenslaver, this time waiting outside for Screenslaver's signal to appear. As predicted, Screenslaver's broadcast takes control of the viewers, allowing Elastigirl to follow the signal to his hideout. Elastigirl tracks Screenslaver down to an apartment complex, where she finds his home riddled with materials and devices related to hypnotism. Screenslaver suddenly confronts Elastigirl and traps the two of them in a light-distorting box to attack her. When Elastigirl proves to be too much however, Screenslaver sets a bomb rigged to explode as he makes his escape. After chasing him outside, Elastigirl catches and unmasks Screenslaver, but finds a disoriented pizza man with no memory of what happened. Ignoring the man's insistence he is innocent, Elastigirl hands him to the police to be arrested. Elastigirl decides to step away from the celebratory party at Devtech to examine footage from their encounter, sensing something was not right. She then notices the Screenslaver owned a television set in his apartment, and wonders why Screenslaver would have one if he was controlling through monitors. Reaching inside the Screenslaver's mask, Elastigirl discovers a pair of Hypno-goggles, figuring out that Screenslaver was being controlled himself, but she is suppressed when Evelyn (the mastermind behind Screenslaver) forces the goggles on her face.


  • His name is a play on the words "screensaver" and "slave".
  • His power is similar to that of Mezmerella.
  • Evelyn is the authentic Screenslaver, being the mastermind behind the Screenslaver. Evelyn is controlling him to do her bidding.
  • The hypnotizing research and notes that Helen came across in the Screenslaver's "lair" is most likely Evelyn's. Placing her research and plans of attack there creates the illusion of her puppet being the "true" villain and lowers the risk of her being discovered as the puppeteer.
  • Several scenes that he appears in from all the rapid flashing lights have caused seizures for many viewers that the film has to have warning messages throughout every movie theater. The flashing lights were heavily toned down for the home video release.
  • It is unknown what happened to him after being arrested but it is possible Elastigirl bailed him out of jail or the police let him go after it was discovered Evelyn controlled him.
  • Screenslaver is the first person to be betrayed by Evelyn, followed by Elastigirl, then Winston.


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