Simon J. Paladino, also known as Gazerbeam, is a minor character in The Incredibles. He only briefly appears in the film alive, with his disappearance and death setting events into motion. He is Lucius Best's mentor and one of Winston Deavor's favorite superheroes.


Gazerbeam Newspaper

Gazerbeam is shown in the newspaper.

Gazerbeam was generally known for a rather dull personality, generally speaking in a monotonous tone. He struggled with personal relationships as he notably didn't have much of a sense of humor, and was worried about accidentally shooting someone with his lasers if he focused on them too much.

He was a member of a superhero team called the Phantasmics, but conflicts with Everseer lead him to leave the team and he soon joined the Thrilling Three as their new leader upon the death of Dynaguy, which he also later left. During the superhero ban, Gazerbeam was an activist for superhuman rights, though this may have allowed for easy tracking when Syndrome's organization was going after the supers.

He was smart and elusive as he had survived the Omnidroid long enough to discover Syndrome's plan in eliminating a large number of supers, in order to finally defeat Mr. Incredible.


Gazerbeam Corpse

Gazerbeam's corpse inside of a cave.

Gazerbeam's death is offscreen, however, it is shown that he was killed by Syndrome's Omnidroid V.5 as a test subject in a mass genocide. It is unknown why Gazerbeam's corpse is located in a cave, as the Omnidroid would be too large to fit into the cave. However, Gazerbeam could have been very injured in the battle, so he heads into the cave, in an attempt to heal, before dying of his injuries.

His final act before dying was using his powers to carve "KRONOS" on the cave wall in which he was hiding in the hopes that someone would discover it and put an end to Syndrome's evil schemes. His final act was crucial in aiding the Incredibles in their mission. However, in the Lego Incredibles, Gazerbeam was shown to be alive, because the developers wanted him to be included in the game.

Powers & Abilities


NSA Data on Gazerbeam

Optical Laser: Gazerbeam's superpowers consist of eye beams that shoot if he focuses intensely enough on a target.


  • Return of the Supers

    Return of the Supers

    In a deleted scene from Incredibles 2, it's revealed:
    • He was convinced to become a hero by Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Gamma Jack, who also brought him to Edna to get his suit.
    • The name Gazerbeam was Mr. Incredible's idea, as Simon wished to go be called Viewpoint, but the others told him the name sounded terrible.


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