"Honey, where's my super-suit?!"--Lucius Best

A super-suit is an outfit worn by a Super while they do their hero job.

I2 - Violet


Most super-suits consist of a mask covering the wearer's eyes, a body-suit, and occasional other features such as gloves, boots, a cape, etc. They were generally made out of sturdy material that sometimes had unusual aspects to coincide with the wearer's powers (for example, Helen Parr's suit was designed to stretch as far as she could. Capes and boots were considered "classic", but Edna Mode refused to design super-suits with capes because she thought capes were dangerous.

Some, but not all, super-suits had initials on them.

Each Super generally had an iconic super-suit, although they did occasionally change.

List of Super-suits by owner

  • Mr Incredible: initially, he wore a tight, two-piece suit that was black and navy blue and with a large lowercase "i" with a red dot in the middle with blue gloves and boots, and a black mask. This suit tore, and Edna Mode designed a new suit: a tight one-piece red suit with a yellow "belt", black boots, gloves, and mask, a black crutch, and an insignia of a yellow lowercase "i" in a black circle with a yellow edge. This suit, and his family's, are fireproof, bulletproof, and rip-proof.
  • Elastigirl: initially, she wore a white one-piece suit with short sleeves and no legs and a black lowercase "e" insignia, with red boots, gloves and mask. She later gained a suit that had the same design as her husband and she temporarily was given an outfit like her original one but silver, with longer sleeves, black boots, gloves, and mask instead of red, a red "e" instead of a black one, and the addition of dark grey leggings and a red "belt". She eventually gave up this suit and she felt it was too "dark and angsty". Her suits can stretch as far as she can.
  • Violet Parr and Dash Parr: their suits have the same design as their parents'. Dash's can withstand great friction and Violet's can turn invisible as she does.
  • Jack-Jack Parr: his suit is also a red one-piece but it is baggier, lacks the belt, crutch, gloves, insignia, and boots, and has feet in it. He had two suits made for him that shared the same design but the second one came with a tracking device (which incidentally his family's suits also have) and edible flame retardant.
  • Frozone: wears a tight, white and sky blue one-piece suit with white boots and a visor-like thing.
  • Syndrome: wore a tight, black, one-piece suit with white rocket boots and a dark blue cape. He also wore white gloves and had a white "S" on his suit. As Incrediboy, his suit was baggier and with short sleeves and legs, and it was white and sky blue and had an "i" insignia similar to Mr. Incredible's. His rocket boots were also more primitive.
  • Gazerbeam: wore a navy blue bodysuit with a visor like Frozone's that had "GB" on it.
  • Voyd: teal boots, gloves, and mask, tight, sky blue legless one-piece suit with lime green sleeves and a "V" on the front.
  • He-Lectrix: navy blue one-piece suit with a blue lightning strike coming down it. Black gloves, boots, and mask.
  • Brick: mini-dress with a pattern of bricks on it, brown boots, red mask, black belt with a red "B"-shaped buckle.
  • Screech: black one-piece suit with a red crutch, yellow "belt" and a yellow badge with a bird drawn on it, black boots with claw-like structures on the bottom, brown feathery "wings" attached to his suit that allow him to fly, and a brown, feathery hood that covers the back of his head. He also wears white face paint.
  • Krushauer: navy blue bodysuit, gloves, and boots, with a white "K" on the suit.
  • Reflux: orange suit with a flaming letter "R" on the front, grey cape, pink crutch, boots, gloves, and mask.
  • Thunderhead: blue-gray suit with navy blue cape, mask, gloves, boots, and hat, white lightning insignia.
  • Stratogale: red one-piece suit with yellow crutch and boots, red mask, purple cape.
  • Meta Man: red one-piece suit with maroon boots, gloves, and cape.
  • Dynaguy: white one-piece suit with red sleeves and legs, white gloves, white mask that covered his whole face, red cape.
  • Splashdown: red mask that covers the top half of his face, red cape and gloves, dark green one-piece suit.