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The Incredibles is a comic-book adaptation of the 2004 Pixar animated feature-length film, The Incredibles. It started in 2009, and it ended in 2010. It was published by "Boom! Studios" and "Disney • Pixar". There are nineteen issues in total for the series.


Family Matters (Original Mini)

Issue Cover Storyline
1 Family-Matters-1 The world's favorite family of superheroes finally returns in this pulse-pounding collection! The Incredibles face a terrifying villain named Futur10n, a robotic menace from the future. But can the Parr family successfully defend Metroville when Bob must hide a troubling secret from his costumed clan?
2 Family-Matters-2
3 Family-Matters-3
4 Family-Matters-4

City of Incredibles (#0-3)

Revenge From Bellow (#4-7)

Secrets and Lies (#8-11)

Truth and Conspiracies (#12-15)