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The Parr Residence serves as a home for Bob Parr, his wife Helen, and his three children during the first film, The Incredibles.

Bob and Helen had moved into this house 15 years after the outcry from citizens declaring that superheroes should not be around anymore after getting wind that Bob foiled the attempted suicide of Oliver Sansweet and other superhero lawsuits were filed before they eventually went into hiding.

After the 15 years had passed, the house was officially set with everything the Parr family had from their last home. While Bob works at his job at Insuricare, he gets a call from Helen while trying to help an elderly woman in need of a claim. When Bob answers the phone, Helen makes the announcement that the family has "officially" moved into the house while she gives Jack-Jack Parr a bath in the sink. Bob says it's great and asks why the last three years don't count. Helen jokingly says that it's because she only unpacked their last box that day and asks why they have so much "junk." Bob says he has to hang up because he has a client and Helen says it's OK and she also has to leave and pick up the kids, Violet and Dash Parr, from school, and they hang up.

After Bob comes home after a stressful (due to his boss's demands) day at Insuricare, he reaches the family home and prepares to park the car in the driveway. When he get's out of the car, he slips on a skateboard and almost falls to the ground, but not before he grabs a hold of the car to break his fall. He kicks the skateboard away, thinking that some kids were hanging out in the driveway again. He then releases his grip he had on the car and sees that the top has bent. Bob just mutters and tries to close the door of the car. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he give the door a hard slam to close it, which causes the window to crack after the door is slammed shut, and the window shatters. This causes Bob to get frustrated and he picks up the car, ready to toss it. However, a child on a bicycle, Rusty McAllister, sees this and his jaw drops. Bob, realizing what's going on, gently sets the car back down and tries to act like nothing happened as he heads into the house to join the rest of the family.

Inside the family home, everyone is eating dinner. Bob is reading a newspaper, Dash is trying to eat a large portion of meatloaf, Helen is trying to feed Jack-Jack and being teased for "making weird faces", and Violet is just staring at her food while looking forlorn behind her hair. Helen, Bob and Dash discuss his little incident at school while Bob is helping Dash cut his meat before Bob loses focus while talking to Helen and accidentally cuts through the plate and the table. Frustrated, Bob mutters that he has to fix the car and the table and just gives Dash his plate of food and leaves the table with the newspaper in hand. Helen then tries to talk to Violet about school, but Violet is too upset to talk and eat the meatloaf. Helen tries to lighten the mood by saying that there is steak and pasta because it is leftover night. However, Dash knows why his big sister is unhappy and starts teasing Violet about her crush, Tony Rydinger. Enraged, Violet tells Dash to keep his mount shut because she didn't want Bob and Helen to find out she liked Tony. However, Dash pulled the last straw and Violet became so angry that it led to a full-blown fight between the two siblings, and things get even worse.

In another room of the house, Bob continues to read the newspaper, only to find an article of a missing person report on Simon. J. Paladino (Gazerbeam). Bob breaks away from the newspaper when he hears Helen shouting for him to intervene and stop the fight in the dining room, which he does by lifting the table, only adding to the trouble before the door bell rings. Jack-Jack acts like he is answering the door bell and the family sets everything back up to make it look nothing happen.

The house was destroyed when the wreckage of Syndrome's jet fell upon the home.

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