"Well, there's this girl in my class. I saw her at the track meet. I sorta knew her, but she'd changed. For better. She was more sure of herself, cool, cute. I asked her out for a movie. And then I went to watch the track meet. Not long after, this thing happened in the parking lot. As if things aren't weird enough, I look over and I see these boots. It looked like super heroes. I see my chance to get out of there. But, there's something familiar about one of the kids' voices. The girl, she's upset, and she throws down her mask, and it's her! This was getting too freaky. I couldn't handle it and ran off. I feel kinda bad about it. Maybe I should've said, hi, or something. It's not her fault superheroes are illegal."
—Tony explaining what he remembers from the Underminer attack to Rick Dicker, while narrating the prolouge.[src]

Tony Rydinger is a supporting/minor character in The Incredibles. He is the love interest for Violet Parr. He also appears in The Incredibles 2 as a major character and the narrator having a date at the end of the movie.


From the scenes that include Tony in the film, it can be implied that he is a calm, kind-hearted and friendly person, and is liked by most at his school. He is also shown to be just as awkward as Violet once was.


The Incredibles

Tony is first seen at the beginning of the film, at his high school. He is walking outside of the school with his posse, with Violet (who has had a crush on Tony) admiring him from afar.

Invisible Violet and Tony

Violet becomes invisible before Tony can see her.

Violet is seen to be too shy to talk to Tony, as when he almost notices her, she uses her powers to turn invisible.

Later on in the film, when Violet is having dinner with her family, Dash teases her about her crush on Tony. Claiming that she would eat more of the meatloaf if it was "Tonyloaf".

Tony asking Violet out

Tony asks Violet out.

We never see Tony until the epilogue of the film. When Violet becomes more confident, Tony asks Violet on a date. However, Tony stutters and is quite awkward while asking Violet out. They then both decide to go on a date at the cinema, and Violet will buy the popcorn.

Incredibles 2

He has a larger role in the film and has more screen time.

When The Underminer attacks the city, Tony hides under a nearby car after nearly being crushed by other cars. He sees the Incredible's go into action against the drill, with the youngest members watching the baby and handling crowd control. Just as he is about to leave, he notices one of the supers sounds familiar, turning around he sees that she is Violet and, in a state of shock and confusion, runs away. He is later brought in for questioning by Rick Dicker and has his memory of the event, and Violet, erased.

Due to the memory wipe, he forgets their date and the following school day, has no recollection of making the date or of Violet.

He later serves the Parr's, minus Elastigirl, at The Happy Platter, his family’s diner. A shocked Violet sprays water out her nose in shock as her father introduces him to her, much to the teenager’s embarrassment.

After supers were made legal again, Violet approaches him again and he remembers her from the restaurant and the make plans for a movie date. He is picked up by her entire family and when they reach the theater he is left there and told by Violet to get snacks and save her a seat as the Parr race off to take on armed robbers.


  • Tony appears at the beginning and the end of the movie. The difference is that the first time, he tries to talk to Violet, but fails. The second time, he tries to talk to Violet, and he finally succeeds.
  • For unknown reasons, he is not present in The Incredibles: Comic Series, his role as Violet’s love interest is given to Xander Carson.