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Voyd (real name Karen Fields) is a new character in Incredibles 2. Another Super joins the mix with Sophia Bush, playing an overeager young Super and Elastigirl obsessive.

Banned Supers

Following a lawsuit against Mr. Incredible several years ago, a wave of legal cases set a strong precedent for being able to hold meta-humans responsible for any/all damages, unintended or even open to invitation caused by them while out stopping crime. The government helped many of these supers disappear to avoid constant lawsuits that would bankrupt the cities with legal fees and likely ruin the previous defenders of the peace whom the government had relied on.

Ever since the law banning supers from public superheroism was passed, any meta-humans are required to hide their presence and leave crime-fighting to state law enforcement. However, when billionaire Winston Deavor discovers that meta-humans are still around after finding Mr. Incredible and his family, all supers, trying to covertly foil a bank robbery, he makes up his mind to try to help change the law. He hires Elastigirl as a spokeswoman for the movement by outfitting her with miniature cameras designed by his sister Evelyn. With Elastigirl as a first-person camera for audiances and Winston campaigning for a lift on the meta-human restrictions, many other meta-humans begin dawning their costumes in anticipation of the change in the law, among them Karen, who takes on the name Voyd.

Incredibles 2

Voyd is introduced when Deavor and Evelyn arrange a get-together of meta-humans to meet Elastigirl. Voyd introduces herself as a long time fan who felt repressed ever since she discovered her powers but was forbidden to use them. Seeing Elastigirl in action and knowing she may well end-up making it legal for folks like Voyd to be able to publicly use their powers to save the day prompts Voyd to express her deepest of gratitude. Deavor is going to try to provide Voyd and the other aspiring supers a place to train while the law is being changed. Voyd in particular seems to be hoping to be able to play side-kick to Elastigirl at some point when/if the law is changed. Elastigirl's main problem is a super-villain called Screenslaver who has been hypnotizing people through television/computer screens by disrupting the broadcasts and replacing the display with rotating light patterns. Elastigirl managed to foil an initial attack on a U.N. ambassador but Screenslaver was able to avoid capture. It is believed that catching Screenslaver will incentivize the U.S. government to lift the ban allowing people like Voyd to be able to roam the streets fighting crime again. Though Elastigirl believes she has arrested Screenslaver shortly after meeting Voyd, she soon comes to the conclusion that the man she arrested was just a hypnotized patsy. While on the trail though she encounters Voyd and the other would-be supers, all under mind-control. Elastigirl herself ends up under similar control, thanks to hypnotic mini-screens placed on masks.

Elastigirl is eventually broken out of the hold when her family comes to rescue her by removing the mask. The first person Elastigirl frees is Voyd, who free from the thrall immediately starts helping to make-up for inadvertently serving Screenslaver. Finding the real Sreenslaver, Voyd and Elastigirl began chasing the mind-controlling super-villain down.

Powers & Abilities

  • Dimensional teleportation: Voyd's superpower is the ability to divert and warp objects around her to elsewhere by creating voids that allow the objects to appear and disappear. With this, she can instantly transport objects and allies to and from away from herself, bypass certain defenses (i.e. Violet's force-fields), as well as to re-direct imminent danger headed her way. Her ability to generate wormholes makes her a formidable hero at virtually any distance and perfect for missions that require long-distant travels and quick escapes. It is currently unknown what could happen should her portals de-manifest while something, or someone, is still passing through as the hole in space-time closes.


  • Visual Limitation: Though her inter-dimensional powers would appear to have an impressive range, they appear to be dependent on her line of sight to be deployed with consistency since it took her several attempts to get Elastigirl into Evelyn's getaway aircraft; that is, literally into the vehicle's interior, fuselage and all, which Voyd could not see in plain sight - hinting that vision is a crucial factor when utilizing her powers.
  • Gesturing: Voyd's wormholes seem to be dependent on her hand movements in order to properly direct where these portals would manifest from place to place.
  • Unpredictability: Voyd’s portals can sometimes become unpredictable.


  • Voyd is the third character in the franchise to be a fan of one of the protagonists. The first was Buddy Pine/Syndrome who was a fan of Mr. Incredible in the first film and Winston Deavor who was a fan of the Incredibles (technically all supers in general) in the second film. Voyd's relationship with Elastigirl is similar to that of Syndrome and Mr. Incredible, except Voyd did not attack any Supers willingly, being temporarily under the influence of Hypno-Goggles.
  • Voyd is similar to Blink from The Uncanny X-Men, who can also create portals.
  • Voyd is called "Vortex" in the French dub of the movie.
  • Voyd's name is a reference to the word 'void', referencing her powers.
  • Unlike most women in the film, her face is very angular and masculine.


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