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"--I can't. Because I didn't see it. Neither did anyone else. So, when you fight bad guys, like today, people don't see the fight or what led up to it, they see what politicians tell them to see. They see destruction and they see you."
—Winston about why supers are illegal.[src]
Winston Deavor is a supporting character in The Incredibles 2. Winston leads a world-class telecommunications company alongside his genius sister, Evelyn Deavor. He is a huge supporter of supers and wants them to return to the spotlight.


Incredibles 2

His role in the Incredibles 2, will be as the leader of DevTech, and is interested in the legalization of supers, and wishes for them to return to the spotlight.

In this film, he will want to hire specifically Elastigirl, as seen in the 1st official trailer for the film. In the second official trailer for the film, it is shown that Bob is surprised, and possibly a bit saddened, that he was not considered. Deavor senses Bob's dismay to some degree, and promises that should Elastigirl succeed, this will pave the way for his and Frozone's return.


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