"I saved you. I stopped the bad guy... how am I not super?"
—Xander to Violet about what it means to be a super.

Xander Carson is a character in The Incredibles: Comic Series. He is shown to be very intelligent when it comes to chemical compounds, similar to his former supervillain mother Organa, and uses his advancement to create gadgets and such to prove himself to Violet that he deserves to be known as a Super.

Physical Appearance

Xander is a teenage boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a thin built and is fairly tall.

His costume consists of a green lab coat, purple shirt, and grey pants and boots. He has a belt to hold his chemicals and a pair of glasses that allow him to track inferred radiation. He also has a pair of gauntlets on his wrists to launch his concoctions and to teleport.


At first, Xander is shown to be shy and withdrawn. However when he starts to team up with Violet he is shown to be courageous and intelligent. He is also shown to be laced back and a quick thinker.

Powers and Abilities

While he has no powers of his own, Xander has been shown to have a great skill with chemistry and quite resourceful.

  • Chemistry - Xander is shown to have inherited his mother’s nack for chemistry, having used it in fights to aid him.
  • Detective Skills - Xander has demonstrated decent detective skills, having deduced that the robot he and Violet were fighting came from the docks because of the rust on its wires.
  • Quick Thinking - Xander has demonstrated himsel to be a quick thinker, having thought of ways to defeat his opponents in situations that he had to think quick to survive.
  • Stealth - Xander is shown to be stealthy, as he was able to spy on Xerek and the Unforgivables without being seen.


In the comic series, Xander and his family move next door to the Parrs. As the two families start to bond, he and Violet become close and develop feelings for eachother and the two share a kiss. After he, along with his father and brother, learn that his mother is the supervillain Organa and the Parrs are the Incredibles, the three are stuck in her trap for the Incredibles. They are saved by Mr. Incredible and lead to the kitchen to shield themselves from the blast of the devolution bomb, however his mother is caught in the blast and turned into a chimp. To avoid her going to jail, the Carsons agree to move to a rural area outside of town. However he finds a way to contact Violet by climbing a tree to get a signal and saying she is worth it, much to her excitement.

Some time later, after the two have been communicate via ham radio, Violet steals equipment from Doc Brightsun to teleport him to her. Xander, wearing a modified version of his mother’s costume, helps Violet fight crime with the use of chemicals. The to fight a magnetic robot, after a brief struggle he manages to melt it. After the fight Xander finds rust on the remains of the robot and he concluded that it came from the docks and they go there. Whe they arrive they are attacked by Tronasaurus Rex and eaten by the robot dinosaur. He urges her to call for help, but she refuses as she fears what would happen if her father saw them. However, Dash and Mr. Incredible are close by tracking the stolen tech. Violet then contacts Dash to tell him to electrocute the robo to activate a solution Xander is working on. Their plan works, but Dash learns that Violet stole the tech and reluctantly agreed to keep it a secret so she can still see Xander. Violet kisses him goodbye before sending him away.

Later, after Xerek successfully turned the public against the incredibles , Xander is seen spying on them with a plan on forming in his head. However nothing came of this since the series was cancelled.


  • Xander serves as the love interest for Violet Parr in the comics where as Tony Rydinger, her canon love interest in the films, is completely absent without even a mention for unknown reasons.
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